Hacks on How to Make More Money

how to make moneyThe money making the machine that some people seem to be is nothing but a careful organization of their time, effort and skill to realize useful results. People then are willing to give them more money because they understand their capabilities of even earning more in results or bringing additional revenue for their companies. When you want the hacks on how to make more money from right now and use them for the rest of your life, you should start with self-identity. Knowing yourself and your abilities would be a guaranteed way for building your money chest. Learn the following tricks, and you will earn more money than the average competitor.

Become better at relationship building

Many people lose opportunities for getting more responsibilities and better pay because they are not good at relationships. Just because you trained in technology management does not mean you should not be welcoming and cautious to other people. You can try to learn how to relate to customers and improve your communication with managers. They will notice that you are ripe for taking responsibility. They will consider you for additional tasks. You can then use the additional responsibilities to claim more pay. Often, your boss will be ready to offer you the money since you have the results to show.

Start saving and investing

When you save and invest, you go from a life of always having to pay yourself last to a life where you are the one paying yourself first. You will be getting a few dividends at the end of the month or year that will be equal to a small bump in your pay. Many people work very hard and only get about ten percent pay rise in two years. If you save ten percent of your money in a money market fund, you can be getting the same money every year, and it will be increasing with each year.

Start a blog and publish advertisements

These days, getting extra money online is easy. You need a blog where you talk about things. It used to be very hard to write articles every day. Today, all you need is a decent smartphone camera, your laptop, lighting, and you can start a video blog. You will be talking about your day and a few products that you are featuring. Include a link to your biography or description where people can buy the product. Get paid while they shop. You can also go with advertisements published on your blog so that when people read what you have, you get some dollars.money making hacks

Start a business on the side

A business on the side is a sure way of getting more money. You can sell tutorials of things you know; you could make things then brand them and sell. You can offer services. You could rent your garage to a start-up business. Look online and find business ideas that you can start with as little as 100 dollars. You will be getting a steady 100 dollars every month after that goes to your earnings. You may even not have to do anything much after that, and the income can increase to thousands of dollars.…

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Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Bankruptcy

bankruptcy filing mistakesIf you have made a decision that you want to file for bankruptcy, then the first thing that you should endeavor to do is to get yourself a bankruptcy lawyer. This is important because in recent times the law governing bankruptcy has become very complicated that you cannot be able to file it on your own and manage to see the process through by yourself.

Because this is a very complicated segment of the law, it is very common for people to make mistakes when they are filling for bankruptcy. That is why it is advisable that before you undertake the process, you should learn from the common mistakes that people commit when they are filling for bankruptcy so that you can avoid them. Let us look at some of those mistakes that are to be avoided.

Waiting for too long to file

With the current economic crises hitting hard, it can at times be nearly impossible for one to get out of debts. This has been occasioned by the increment of daily expenses. That is why it is advisable that you explore the available options. One of the ways to get out of this is filling for bankruptcy. This will not only allow you to have a fresh start but will give you a chance to start afresh. However, if you are in such a situation, you need to act as fast as possible. If you assess your options and see that bankruptcy is the best way to go then do it as quickly as possible.

Avoid filling in the wrong chapter

If yours is individual bankruptcy then most probably you will be filling either under chapter 7 or chapter 13. Even though both of them are meant for the same purpose, the process that is followed for each of them is different. To ensure that you avoid committing such a mistake, it is advisable to seek guidance from an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will help you make a decision on which chapter to file on depending on your financial situation.

Not disclosing your assets

When one is filling for bankruptcy, it is advisable that one discloses all their assets. If during the bankruptcy process, it is discovered that you transferred some of your assets for what is commonly referred to as safe keeping or you made any attempts to hide some of your assets, then you run the risk of your case being dismissed on immediate effect. It is advisable that you are honest about your assets on filling so that you are sure that your discharge is safe.

Failing to file the necessary paperwork

Since the entire process is complex, there are many forms that you will have to fill plus submit some documents. The documents can include your bank statements, tax returns or any other documents that will be required during the process. Ensure that you file all the required documents before the set deadline because if not, your case can be dismissed.

Not completing credit counselling

Ensure that before you file for bankruptcy, you have completed a credit counseling course. This is a must as you should attach a certification of the same when filing your bankruptcy forms.…

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